Home of Australia’s first and only fire-rated artificial green wall. Our artificial wall gardens are a great way to provide some additional life to commercial and retail spaces, office buildings, courtyards and hospitals. An artificial garden wall allows contractors, architects, shopfitters, and interior designers to install greenery in a wide range of locations that don’t necessarily lend themselves to natural plant growth or maintenance.

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Traveller Palm 160cm

From $185.00 - $305.00

Areca Palm 120cm

From $150.00 - $270.00

Fiddle Leaf Plant 85cm

From $95.00 - $160.00

Japanese Bamboo Plant (UV)

From $250.00 - $450.00

Lush Green Plus White


Blossom Bush White (UV)


Milan Leaves


Fiddle Leaf Plant 98cm


Blossom Bush Purple (UV)