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Our Bush and Garland range boast a variety of variegated pothos, monstera, ferns, syngonium, philodendron, ivy vines, and more. Our extensive range of indoor and outdoor bushes have are boundless for creativity. Perfect additions for our green walls, to add into pots, and planter boxes, or on their own as ceiling features. You limit is your imagination.

Bushes & Garlands (48)

Angel Vine Hanging Basket (UV)


Monstera Hanging Bush


Grape Leaf Vine 152cm (UV)


Syngonium Garland Green Vine 180cml


Pothos Hanging Bush Variegated (UV) 52cml

From $25.00 - $45.00

Sansevieria Bush 60cm


Sansevieria Bush 80cm


Pothos Vine Variegated 152cm (UV)


Syngonium Hanging Bush