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Our Hanging Bushes range boasts a variety of variegated pothos, syngonium, ivy, philodendron, angel vines and more. Our realistic bushes are the perfect filler for all green walls, planter boxes, pots, or on its own as a hanging feature.

Bushes (29)

Leather Fern Bush UV Large 60cm


Ivy Hanging Bush Green 52cm (UV)


Pothos Hanging Bush Variegated (UV) 52cml

From $25.00 - $40.00

Ivy Hanging Bush Variegated 52cm (UV)


Syngonium Hanging Bush


Syngonium Hanging Bush Light Green 80cml


Ivy Hanging Bush 80cml


Pothos Variegated Hanging Bush 80cml


Pothos Bush Variegated 35cml