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Evergreen Walls now supply innovative cable systems that bring greenery to life. These systems provide the essential framework for any climbing plant or creeper and are a perfect fit for many of our own UV stable vines or hanging plants. 

As a company, we aim to bring greenery to projects where it's not normally possible and our new cable systems allow us to achieve that. Architects and designers are using the Evergreen Cable System to create vertical green walls, trellis patterns and overhead hanging gardens to soften commercial facades, or bring warmth and life into buildings and homes. 

Stainless Steel Trellis Kit For Climbing Plants. This garden trellis fence is perfect for screening and doubles as a decorative garden feature or a plant trainer. This cable system blends well into any outdoor décor and can be used for real or artificial vines. Easy to install, simply choose your layout and attach the fixing points as you please.

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