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Luscious greenery, built to last under the Australian sun

Country Blossom


Coastal Luxe


Premium Spring


Urban Deluxe


Trellis Green


Evergreen Coastal


Trellis Red


Urban Succulent



Hang a UV safe green disc for instant greenery

Hedging Panels

Best green wall panels for outdoor screening

Premium Hedge


Classic Boxwood


Classic Ferns


Classic Ivy


Hanging Greenery

Hanging vines, plants, and baskets

Wicker Hanging Basket - Large

From $220.00 - $450.00

Angel Vine Hanging Basket (UV)


Ferns Hanging Basket (UV)


Syngonium Hanging Bush


Pothos Variegated Hanging Bush 80cml


Real Touch White Jasmine Vine 154cml


Ivy Garland Green 152cm (UV)


Syngonium Garland Green Vine 180cml